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AI Tool for Research Paper & Academic Writing

AI Tool for Research Paper & Academic Writing

Welcome to LMS Solution!. Here, we'll discuss an important AI tool, WriteAI.Tech, which offers various templates for content creation. Let's dive into the video and explore how it aids in writing technical and research articles.

WriteAI.Tech Overview:

  1. Templates Dashboard:

  • Explore various templates for different types of content creation.

  1. AI Tool Features:

  • Block section templates for blog ideas, titles, intros, conclusions, and summaries.

  • Email templates for discounts, testing, promotions, follow-ups, and confirmations.

  • Social media post templates for Instagram captions, YouTube titles, descriptions, and tags.

  • Templates for website reviews, details, vision, mission, academic essays, and article generation.

  • Additional features like code generation, image generation, speech-to-text, and grammar checking.

Exploring Article Generator:

  1. Article Generation:

  • Set the language and title for your article.

  • Demonstrated a technical topic on power management using multiple converters integrated with solar and battery.

  • Generates an introduction to the research article.

  1. Content Rewriter:

  • Copy and paste the paragraph for rewriting.

  • Demonstrated the tool's ability to rewrite and expand content, aiding in reducing plagiarism.

  1. Grammar Checker:

  • Check grammar with a sample sentence.

  • The tool suggests changes for grammatically correct sentences with a professional tone.

  1. Generate Images:

  • Utilize the tool to generate animated images, demonstrated with an example of a biogas power plant.

  1. Generate Code:

  • Specify the code title and description.

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