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AI Tool to write Introduction part of Research paper easily |Smodin ai |Best tool for researchers

AI Tool to write Introduction part of Research paper easily |Smodin ai |Best tool for researchers

we'll explore Smodin, an AI-powered tool designed to streamline research article preparation. This tool promises to create a research article outline and structure within a mere 10 minutes. Let's delve into the features and options available to expedite the article writing process.

Introducing Smodin

Smodin is a specialized writing assistance tool catered towards academic writing support. It offers a range of options including:

  • Descriptive Essays

  • Author Mode

  • Argumentative Essays

  • Research Papers

  • Feedback Grader

  • Article Versions

  • Teacher Feedback

  • Marketing

Creating a Research Paper Outline

By selecting the 'Research Paper' option, users can input a title and generate an abstract or enhance the existing content. The tool then proceeds to create the paper, requiring a few minutes to generate a comprehensive case study analysis with references.

Step-by-Step Guide for Article Creation

Users have the flexibility to navigate through the article creation process step by step. Starting from selecting the best title generated by the tool, refining the outline, to generating the complete paper, Smodin enables a structured approach.

Crafting Introduction and Outlines

This AI tool not only generates titles but also constructs the introduction of the research paper with references. It's particularly beneficial for those struggling with crafting the introductory segment of their research paper.

Exploring Descriptive Essays

Smodin offers a feature for descriptive essays. Users can input the essay topic, enhance its quality, and access different paragraph formats. However, certain features like generating a descriptive essay might require a paid subscription.

Practical Use and Benefits

This tool simplifies the initiation phase of research paper writing, aiding in title selection, introduction generation, and outline refinement. Additionally, it can assist in improving the content using other AI tools available.

Additional Features and Future Applications

Smodin also supports students in creating argumentative essays and grading assignments based on rubrics. It's equipped to cite up to 5000 words, ensuring an inclusive citation process in the generated content.


Smodin serves as a valuable aid in the early stages of research article creation. It eases the process of outlining, title selection, and introduction construction. This AI tool holds promise in simplifying the initial stages of academic writing.

This video serves as an introduction to the functionalities of Smodin, demonstrating its potential to assist with research article writing. Thank you for exploring this AI tool with us.

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