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Choose Best References using Litmaps | Make Literature Survey Easy |

Choose Best References using Litmaps | Make Literature Survey Easy |

Litmaps is a literature mapping software designed for literature reviews and research. The tool is aimed at helping researchers discover academic papers, visualize search results, collaborate with colleagues, and monitor searches for new articles.

  1. Overview of Litmaps:

  • Litmaps is a specialized tool for literature reviews and research expertise.

  • It offers features such as discovery, visualization, collaboration, and monitoring.

  1. Key Features:

  • Discovery: Helps in discovering academic papers through automatic citation searching.

  • Visualization: Visualizes search results on a map, showing how articles are linked through citations.

  • Collaboration: Allows collaboration with colleagues by sharing Litmaps.

  • Monitoring: Monitors searches in the background for new articles that might be missed.

  1. Demo:

  • The video demonstrates a search related to "multi-port converters" to show how Litmaps can generate closely related papers.

  • It highlights the tool's ability to visualize connections between papers and show the top citations and references.

  1. Usage Example:

  • Demonstrates a search related to "grid-connected PV systems" to showcase how Litmaps can generate papers related to a specific research topic.

  1. Benefits:

  • Litmaps is presented as a helpful tool for researchers, especially for new researchers starting their research work.

  • Emphasizes the importance of a strong literature review in improving the quality of research papers.

  1. Workshop Announcement:

  • Mentions an upcoming workshop on a specified date (23rd, as per the video's content).

  • Encourages viewers to check the video description for details on the workshop and how to join.

  1. Conclusion:

  • Encourages viewers to use Litmaps along with other tools like IRECA Connected Papers and Sci-Space for effective paper searches.

  • Highlights the significance of concise references and literature review writing in research papers.

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