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Create Your own Chatbot | Dante AI | AI Research Assistant | Better than Chatgpt ? | Best AI Tool

Create Your own Chatbot | Dante AI | AI Research Assistant | Better than Chatgpt ? | Best AI Tool


Welcome to LMS Solution Research Support! In today's video, we're excited to introduce you to Dante AI, an innovative tool that allows you to effortlessly create your own chatbot without the need for coding. Whether you want to engage in conversations or seek information, Dante AI proves to be a fantastic resource, akin to the capabilities of chat GPT. Join us as we explore the functionalities of Dante AI and understand how it can become a valuable asset in content creation and information retrieval.

Getting Started with Dante AI:

Dante AI stands out as a custom GPT chatbot that operates based on your provided data. The tool eliminates the need for coding, making it accessible to a wide audience. Users can input various data sources, such as website URLs, databases, or papers, and transform them into a personalized chatbot experience.

Creating a Conversation:

Upon entering the Dante AI dashboard, users can initiate a new conversation by providing a prompt or topic. For instance, the video demonstrates a prompt related to renewable energy, and Dante AI promptly generates relevant content, complete with possible follow-up questions.

Generating Programming Code:

Dante AI proves its versatility by not only generating textual content but also programming code. By giving a precise prompt, such as "generate Matlab code for Perturb and Observe MPPT algorithm," users can obtain code snippets tailored to their specifications. The tool emphasizes the importance of precision in the provided prompt for accurate and relevant results.

In-Depth Technical Queries:

The video showcases Dante AI's ability to handle technical queries. When asked about different optimization algorithms for maximum Power Point tracking, the tool responds with informative content and even suggests follow-up questions, demonstrating its proficiency in handling diverse subjects.

Table Generation and Customization:

Dante AI goes beyond text generation by being capable of creating tables. The tool can interpret and summarize tabular data, offering users a versatile solution for diverse content needs. Additionally, users can customize their chatbot by adding knowledge bases, including URLs, videos, and files, allowing for a tailored and domain-specific conversational experience.


In conclusion, Dante AI emerges as a powerful tool for creating custom GPT chatbots tailored to specific domains. Its user-friendly interface, ability to generate both text and code, and customization options make it a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals alike. Whether you're seeking information, generating technical content, or creating a chatbot for your specific area of expertise, Dante AI proves to be a versatile and efficient solution.

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