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Enhance Research Prompts with Prompt wise AI: The Ultimate Tool for Research

Enhance Research Prompts with Prompt wise AI: The Ultimate Tool for Research


Are you struggling to write prompts for your AI tools to get perfect results? There are many different sites and AI tools available to enhance your prompts, making the task easier and more efficient. In this video, we will explore a new AI tool called Promptwise AI that can help elevate your research prompts, ensuring you get the best results from any chatbot you use to generate your content.

Before diving into the tool, we have an important announcement. We are conducting an online workshop on AI-powered research paper crafting with ChatGPT and other AI tools. The main objective of this workshop is to familiarize you with different AI tools that are useful for research paper writing. We will explore various research prompts, especially for ChatGPT, and how to use them to generate better content for your research paper. Don’t forget to register for our online workshop; the registration link is in the description of this video. See you at the workshop!

Exploring Promptwise AI

The AI tool we will discuss today is Promptwise AI, an AI prompt enhancer. When you ask a question or request from your AI chatbot, Promptwise AI can refine your prompt to generate better answers. As I often say, the better your prompt, the better the results. Let's explore how Promptwise works.

  1. Getting Started with Promptwise AI

  • Visit the Promptwise AI website and log in with your email ID.

  • You'll see a main page with two options: enter your prompt, and the enhanced prompt will be generated.

  1. Using a Sample Prompt

  • For example, let's start with a simple prompt: "Write an abstract on the title grid connected PV system for electric vehicle charging station in about 200 words."

  • We enter this prompt into ChatGPT to see the results.

  1. Enhancing the Prompt with Promptwise AI

  • Next, we take the same prompt to Promptwise AI and click "Enhance the prompt."

  • Promptwise AI generates a refined prompt that includes specific details to ensure a comprehensive response from ChatGPT.

  • The enhanced prompt might be: "Create an informative and concise abstract for your research paper titled 'Grid Connected PV System for Electric Vehicle Charging Station' in approximately 200 words. Provide a clear overview of your study, its objectives, methodology, and key findings. Highlight the significance of your research, describe the system you investigated, outline your methodology, summarize your findings, and discuss the potential impact on reducing greenhouse gases."

  1. Comparing the Results

  • Using the refined prompt in ChatGPT, we compare the abstract generated by the original prompt and the enhanced prompt.

  • The enhanced prompt typically results in a more detailed and comprehensive abstract, showcasing the effectiveness of using Promptwise AI.

Generating a Thesis Outline

  1. Using a Basic Prompt

  • Another example is generating a thesis outline for the title "Grid Connected PV System for Electric Vehicle Charging Station."

  • We start with a simple prompt in ChatGPT: "Generate a thesis outline for the title grid connected PV system for electric vehicle charging station."

  • ChatGPT provides a basic outline.

  1. Enhancing the Thesis Outline Prompt

  • We then enhance the same prompt using Promptwise AI.

  • The enhanced prompt might be: "Create a comprehensive thesis outline for the topic 'Grid Connected PV System for Electric Vehicle Charging Station' that explores the advantages, challenges, and opportunities of integrating solar energy systems with EV charging infrastructure. Start with an introduction that defines the problem statement and provides background information on the increasing demand. Include sections on the necessity for sustainable mobility, technical specifications, economic feasibility, environmental benefits, and potential impacts."

  1. Detailed Outline from Enhanced Prompt

  • Using the enhanced prompt in ChatGPT, we get a detailed thesis outline.

  • The enhanced outline includes specific sections with detailed descriptions, helping to create a well-structured thesis.


Using tools like Promptwise AI can significantly improve the quality of your prompts, leading to better results from your AI chatbot. By refining your prompts, you can generate more detailed and comprehensive content for your research papers and theses. Use these enhanced prompts to make your research paper writing simpler and more effective.

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