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Exploring Two Powerful AI Tools for Research Support: Quetab and

Exploring Two Powerful AI Tools for Research Support: Quetab and

We will delve into two essential AI tools that are invaluable for research paper writing and budding researchers: Quetab and

1. Quetab: Quetab is a modern AI-driven platform designed to enhance your skill set using methods like question and answers, flashcards, notes, and more.

  • Home Dashboard: Upon signing in, you'll access a dashboard where you can find study sets, questions, bots, and more.

  • Study Sets: Access readily available study sets covering various topics, including mathematics, English, and more.

  • Bots: Quetab offers chatbots powered by ChatGPT and Google Bard. You can ask questions and receive answers tailored to your prompts.

  • Question Generator: Generate questions and answers by pasting text into the question generator.

  • Flash Card Maker: Create flashcards by copying and pasting text, allowing for quick review of key information.

  • Text Summarizer: Summarize paragraphs or articles by copying and pasting the text into the summarizer.

  • Other Features: Quetab also offers a text scanner, keyword generator, text-to-speech generator, and art generator.

2. is an AI-powered platform designed to evaluate videos and web articles to measure their suitability for teaching specific subjects.

  • Teach Me: Enter a topic of interest, and will provide relevant course materials, including videos and articles.

Using these tools, researchers can streamline the process of finding relevant content, generating questions, summarizing text, and creating study materials, ultimately enhancing their research endeavors.

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