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Fast and Instant Literature Review in Seconds | AI Tool for Research | LMS AI

Fast and Instant Literature Review in Seconds | AI Tool for Research | LMS AI

If you're struggling to write a literature review quickly, we're here to help you solve that problem. If you have limited time to prepare a research paper for a conference, our AI tools can generate an instant literature review with ease. Let's dive into today's video on how to write a fast literature review using our AI chatbot and explore the different templates available for literature reviews.

Getting Started with LMS Research Support

First, go to the LMS Research Support website. On this website, you'll find an option called "Chatbot." This chatbot is specially designed for research purposes and offers various tools such as summarizer, grammar corrector, paraphrasing, literature review, and more. To generate an instant literature review, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Literature Review" option.

  2. You will see an input field labeled "Please add 5 reference lists."

  3. Copy references from your research area. For demonstration, let's use a paper titled "Analysis of Complexity and Performance for Automated Deployment of a Software Environment in Cloud Computing."

  4. Paste the references into the input field and click "Literature Review."

The AI will generate a literature review within seconds, summarizing the main findings and limitations of the referenced papers. This process allows you to create a comprehensive literature review in minutes, making it easier to prepare your research paper quickly.

Detailed Literature Review and Other Features

Apart from the instant literature review, LMS Research Support offers several other useful templates:

  1. Detailed Literature Review: Copy and paste the details of your paper to get a thorough analysis.

  2. Chat with Paper: Analyze your paper segment-wise by asking questions about specific sections like the abstract.

  3. Chat with PDF: Upload a reference paper and ask questions to get detailed answers.

These tools help you analyze your reference papers in-depth, making the literature review process much more manageable.

Using the Plagiarism Checker

LMS Research Support also provides a plagiarism checker powered by Turnitin. You can check the similarity of your paper and get a report within an hour. The service is affordable and offers different pricing options based on the number of pages.

Online Workshop on Research Paper Crafting

We are conducting an online workshop titled "Research Paper Crafting with ChatGPT and AI Revolution." This workshop aims to familiarize participants with various AI tools useful for writing research papers and exploring different research prompts in ChatGPT. If you're interested, you can book your seat now as there are limited seats available.


We hope this video and blog post help you with writing an instant and fast literature review using LMS Research Support's AI tools. Thank you for watching our videos, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Have a nice day!

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