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Simplifying Research Programming with AI: A Guide to Generating MATLAB Code

Simplifying Research Programming with AI: A Guide to Generating MATLAB Code


As researchers, programming is often an integral part of our work. Whether it's for data analysis, simulation, or visualization, writing MATLAB code can be time-consuming and complex. Fortunately, with the help of AI tools, we can streamline this process and generate MATLAB code more efficiently.

Accessing the AI Tool

To access the MATLAB code generation tool, visit the LMS Solution Research Support website and navigate to the "Chatbot" section. Here, you'll find various templates, including one for generating MATLAB code. Click on the "Generate MATLAB Code" option to proceed.

Generating MATLAB Code

Once you've accessed the MATLAB code generation template, you'll be prompted to provide details for the code generation. For example, you can input a simple task like adding two numbers or more complex tasks like displaying PV and IV characteristics of a solar panel or creating a pie chart illustrating renewable energy usage.

Executing the Generated Code

After entering the task details, click on "Generate Code" to generate the MATLAB code. The tool will quickly generate the code based on the provided task. Copy the generated code and paste it into MATLAB software. You can then execute the code and observe the results.

Example Tasks and Generated Code

  1. Addition of Two Numbers: The generated MATLAB code will perform the addition operation based on the provided input numbers.

  2. PV and IV Characteristics of a Solar Panel: The generated code will display the PV and IV characteristics of a solar panel, providing valuable insights into its performance.

  3. Pie Chart for Renewable Energy Usage: The generated MATLAB code will create a pie chart illustrating the recent usage of renewable energy sources in the power sector.

Plans and Pricing

The AI tool offers various subscription plans, including a free trial with limited access and paid plans for unlimited access to all templates. Choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget to unlock the full potential of the MATLAB code generation tool.


With the help of AI-driven MATLAB code generation, researchers can simplify programming tasks and focus more on their core research objectives. By leveraging this tool, you can expedite the coding process, visualize data effectively, and enhance the quality of your research work.

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