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Writing a Research Paper using ChatGPT & AI Tool

Writing a Research Paper using ChatGPT & AI Tool

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Date: 22.06.2024

Time: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm

. Importance and Structure

- Importance: Key for sharing research, advancing knowledge, and establishing credibility.

- Structure: Title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, references.


2. Abstracts and Introductions

- Abstracts: Summarize key contributions: objectives, methods, results, significance.

- Introductions: Provide context, highlight the problem, state objectives.


3. Literature Review and Related Work

- Literature Review: Identify and synthesize relevant research, position your contribution.

- Related Work: Discuss prior research, show how your work builds on or differs from it.


4. Methodology and Experimental Design

- Designing Methodologies: Develop rigorous methods, choose appropriate research methods and data collection techniques.


5. Results, Analysis, and Discussion

-Presenting Findings: Use clear, concise data representation.

- Analyzing Results: Draw conclusions, discuss implications in relation to objectives.


6. Writing Clear and Coherent Sections

-Structuring Sections: Organize logically, ensure clarity and coherence, smooth transitions.


7. Leveraging CHAT GPT and AI Tools

-Using AI Tools: Enhance writing with CHAT GPT and other AI tools for brainstorming, drafting, refining.


Topics to be Covered

1.       How to Choose Proper Title

2.       How to make Proper Introduction

3.       How to make Perfect Literature Survey

4.       How to get proper explanation from the Table data

5.       How to avoid Plagiarism and AI detection

6.       How to make catchy Abstract & Conclusion

7.       How to get technical details for Paper Writing

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